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How we invest

​​​​​​QIA’s investment strategy is proposed by management, approved by the Board and ultimately by the Supreme Council for Economic Affairs and Investment (SCEAI).​

In 2020, we introduced a more formal top-down portfolio asset allocation process to guide the medium and long-term evolution of the total QIA portfolio. QIA’s Reference Portfolio is designed to meet the long-term return objectives, subject to risk and liquidity limits set by the Board. The Reference Portfolio is then used to develop annual and medium-term investment plans for each investment team. QIA is an active investor and the strategies employed by our investment teams act to leverage QIA’s competitive advantages.​


QIA’s strategy is based on 5 core principles:

QIA is a long-term investor.

We take active investment decisions based on market views.​

Flexibility is one of our key strengths.​​

​​We are able to build strategic external partnerships to complement our in-house capabilities.​

​​Our position towards portfolio companies is that of a financial investor.



​Asset All​o​​cat​ion​

Examples of asset classes we invest in include:​ ​

Credit/fixed income
Real estate​
Private equity​

Public equity​
Alternative investments​


​Our competitive advantages

As a long-term investor with no short-term liabilities, we invest for the long term, to create value for generations to come. ​

Our patient capital can be invested in less liquid private companies and assets, and investments that will need longer to mature.


QIA has certainty of capital. We are not subject to client redemptions and can make longer-term commitments and strategic investments in our internal capabilities and relationships.​

Our investment teams have deep expertise to take advantage of market opportunities and complex situations. We are agile and flexible in how we structure and negotiate investments and can select the part of the capital structure with the best risk-adjusted returns. In addition, internal investing gives us a greater degree of control over how our funds are invested and managed. ​

QIA has partner-like relationships with some of the world’s top investment managers. Externally managed funds are used to generate co-investment opportunities, particularly via private equity and real estate funds, and to complement our internal investments by creating exposure to non-core asset classes, such as hedge funds and venture capital.​

While QIA is active, we are not activist towards our portfolio companies. We are purely financial investors and we work to nurture a partnership with management teams to generate long-term value. We also nurture partnerships with our co-investors, and where appropriate, may take a more active role.​​​​

Investment Process

We follow a rigorous, four-stage approach for each investment, be it a direct investment or a fund investment. ​



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About us

​​​Qatar Investment Authority is the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Qatar and is a major contributor to realizing the Qatar National Vision of 2030.​


Investment Process

​​​Our investment process is designed to focus on "the deals that matter".​



​​​Qatar Investment Authority conforms to the highest international standards of governance.​


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