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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Since QIA was founded in 2005, the scale and scope of our activities has grown enormously. ​

Today, QIA is a dynamic organization of over 620 employees of more than 66 nationalities. ​​

Full time employees at QIA

We have recruited a world-class array of international talent from leading asset managers, other sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and investment banks. ​​

We are also making great progress in developing a new generation of highly-qualified Qatari colleagues, who are increasingly taking leadership positions across the organization.​​

The employees of QIA are a talented, diverse group of individuals who care deeply about achieving success—for themselves, for QIA, and for the people of Qatar. We combine a fast-paced, dynamic environment with a spirit of teamwork and a strong sense of integrity.​


Recruiting international talent

Having a wealth of international skills and perspectives is critical to our success as a global investor. We recruit highly experienced and specialized talent from all over the world, selecting individuals based on their track record, their relevant expertise, and their experience in demanding financial markets. Following an interview and selection process, these individuals and their families are supported in relocating to Qatar.      

We are able to attract world class talent because our workplace offers considerable personal autonomy, combined with exposure to a sophisticated investment strategy and a wide range of sizable and complex transactions. Additional benefits of working at QIA include the ability to play a formative influence in a young and rapidly evolving organization and the opportunity for personal development through learning to operate in a different culture.


Recruiting and developing local talent

QIA is committed to developing Qatari talent. We seek to promote the increased participation of Qatari nationals in the workplace, and to cultivate local talent for the long term benefit of Qatar. We recruit high achieving Qataris from local and international universities and offer them fully funded and customized development plans.      

Our leading edge development programs provide Qatari employees with the opportunity to make a difference to QIA, to the future of Qatar, and to themselves throughout their career.​

We are growing our number of Qatari employees through:        

  • Hiring new graduates
  • Recruiting experienced Qatari nationals

The Journey Program

Our graduate training program ‘The Journey Program’ is designed to give new graduates a unique and market-leading financial education, with world-class learning opportunities.
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Internships/Summer Training

We offer internship programs for college students in their final year of studies. These programs​are available to candidates who meet the internship criteria and are studying towards a relevant qualification with a reputable institution. They typically consist of two to five weeks of on the job training, designed to give participants valuable practical experience in a professional environment.  ​ 
Interested candidates are welcome to contact us on         


Professional Certification

We place strong emphasis on the completion of professional qualifications through internationally recognised accreditations. CFA training is provided for those in investment roles, while CPA, ACCA or ACA training is provided to those in finance or accounting. Other examples include GARP for Risk, CLARITAS for those in shared services roles and CIPD for our HR employees. Our professional qualification programmes provide access to some of the best industry practitioners and qualified trainers, as well as mentoring and comprehensive exam preparation.


Apply to QIA

  • Our employees are our strongest asset and we are a truly diversified family of over 61 ​different nationalities from all over the world
  • Qatar is a rapidly developing country and economy and Doha is a vibrant city on the world stage and a great place for families
  • We offer competitive remuneration and attractive benefits

If you are an experienced professional with relevant experience, please send your CV.


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About us

​​​Qatar Investment Authority is the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Qatar and is a major contributor to realizing the Qatar National Vision of 2030.​


Investment Process

​​​Our investment process is designed to focus on "the deals that matter".​



​​​Qatar Investment Authority conforms to the highest international standards of governance.​


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