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Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) is the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Qatar. QIA was established in 2005 to protect and grow Qatar’s financial assets and to diversify the economy.​

As a sovereign wealth fund, QIA’s purpose is to generate returns for our future stakeholders. We aim for all our investments to have a positive impact. ​

Diversification is key to our approach and our investments span many different markets, asset classes, sectors and geographies. We partner with leading institutions around the world to seek out global growth opportunities that will create value for the State and future generations.​​


Message from Our CEO​

Mr. Mansoor Ebrahim Al-Mahmoud

Chief Executive Officer of QIA


"In a world of accelerating change, QIA is a long-term investor, focused on delivering sustainable returns.​ Our visio​​n is to ensure the prosperity of future generations of Qataris, enabling our people and companies to thrive. ​ At the same time, we endeavor to be a world-class investment institution and a positive force for good in the global economy.​ Today, QIA’s portfolio is in a strong position to continue to grow, to prosper and to help us deliver on our mission."


QIA is the wealth manager for the State of Qatar that invests the State’s surpluses to ensure the prosperity of future generations.​

Therefore, our overarching objective is to create long-term value as an investor. In addition, QIA has two objectives in supporting Qatar’s economy today. We provide liquidity when needed to stabilize the local economy, and support local economic development by investing in companies that fill market gaps.​

These objectives translate into a three-fold mandate for QIA that guides our strategy.


Create long-term value for the State and future generations​​


Support the development of a competitive Qatari economy ​


Stabilize the local economy as necessary​



QIA is established​

QIA is established by Amiri Decision no. 22 for 2005, to develop, invest and manage the state reserve funds and other assets assigned by the Supreme Council for Economic Affairs and Investment (SCEAI)​


QIA’s Investment operations begin


Focus shifts to direct investments.


Drafting of Santiago Principles

QIA Values​​​

QIA’s values are embedded in our culture and guide the work of all our teams.​


We apply the highest ethical, moral and professional standards of conduct in all our undertakings. ​


We work together effectively with our colleagues and partners by acting with care and consideration to build cohesive relationships. We value diversity and each individual contribution.​


We respond in optimal ways to challenges and remain focused on our mission to safeguard the wealth of the State and future generations by creating long-term value in our investments.​



The government of the State of Qatar has determined that QIA is a savings fund whose objective is investing for the benefit of Qatar’s future generations.



QIA aims to ensure that sustainability principles are embedded across our portfolio. 

We believe that investing sustainably enhances the performance and resilience of our investment portfolio. Moreover, it aligns with our mandate to create value for Qatar’s future generations, and with the goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030.



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